Digital Mosaic Happenings

The Digital Mosaic is built on heart, and this blog will reflect that. We believe that we’re stronger together than alone, that we can and have to lift each other up, and that even in difficult situations there are opportunities to bring light and inspiration. Do you have a person, or situation that inspires you? We want to hear about it, and will share with The Digital Mosaic’s village. Email at [email protected]

9/11 An Emotional Day for a New Beginning Today’s 9/11, an emotional day for a new beginning. A good day for reflecting, and remembering. Especially the people in my life who have passed away since 9/11, but left a big imprint on my life, and each in their way, an important inspiration for what I’ve built. ... more

Becoming a Story Whisperer I never want to hear another family say “I wish I hadn’t waited too long.” I am a storyteller. Or more accurately, a story listener. I never aspired to be a business owner, or create an app, but I was drawn down that path because I fell in love with hearing people’s stories, and the way the telling made them feel. ... more