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Since 2015, The SimplyTold® video storytelling apps have helped streamline how people gather stories, enabling private or public oral histories for families, businesses and organizations. When the apps were designed, they guided users through choosing the right questions to ask (with 400 starter questions in the app), recording them on personal devices, then uploading them instantly to a private or public site where all the content is organized, archived and best of all, easy to search. At the time, it simplified a complex process, storing smaller videos than could be created on phones or iPads, and allowing organizations to solicit and curate user-generated content before sharing publicly on their own websites.

The technology and lifestyle landscape of post-COVID life is quite different, and so we have chosen to take a step back and see what value we an provide to those who seek to capture and share individual and group oral histories. These collections of experiences and stories will never stop being important, and The Digital Mosaic would like to have a role in enabling people and organizations to easily gather, curate and share these valuable histories.

What's New with The Digital Mosaic?

We'll keep doing what we're great at - working one-on-one with clients, using our years of oral history interviewing and professional video production experience to guide people through this journey. Technology now makes it possible to conduct videos online from anywhere in the world, so distance won't limit the final product. In the Northeast Ohio area, we'll be able to come to you, record in your home or favorite spots, if that fits your schedule and budget.

We're working on a slew of ways to support you on your own oral history journey. Look for life story question lists and how-to videos, guides to become better as an oral historian, and tools to craft a professional video project of your own.

Your individual interview video can be shared with your extended family on your private Digital Mosaic page, with searchable video content at your fingertips, or as part of public projects. Polished edited video projects can be as simple or as complex as you need, and are available by quote.

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