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The SimplyTold® video storytelling app for iOS and Android streamlines the entire video capture process. With three simple steps from shoot to share, it's hard to remember how complicated the process used to be.  Choose your questions, record your story on video with your tablet or phone, & upload with one touch for crazy-fast results. Then you can instantly search all your videos, now organized and preserved on your own webpage, to find just the story you want to hear. SimplyTold® makes collaborating with any group seamless - from your extended family or high school class for your reunion to museum visitors or the entire community.


From Personal to Pro, SimplyTold® delivers simplified storytelling in just three easy steps!

SIMPLYTOLD PERSONAL for individuals and families:
The app's 400+ story questions guide you through creating your personal or family legacy, one video at a time. Record your own stories, or work with family members to capture your family's unique history, stories about heirlooms, and dreams for the future. Your private video page can be a place to bring extended family's genealogy research, bring photos to life with sharing what you know about the subjects, and documenting your little one's milestones as they happen. All in a password-protected video page that you control.

The SimplyTold app is an ideal video booth alternative to gather stories for large events like weddings, reunions and other special events, with the bonus capability of allowing those far away who couldn't attend to contribute too. Caregivers and senior living facility staff can easily implement an individual storytelling program to help seniors stay engaged and connected to their family with our two-way recorded communication.

SIMPLYTOLD PRO for businesses, museums, libraries, non-profits, and other organizations:

SimplyTold® Pro delivers a completely customized video content creation experience. Categories and questions that you choose appear on the app to ensure you capture the stories you need to communicate, sell, persuade and engage. The instantly uploaded videos are then managed and approved by your team before they become part of the online, searchable video database. We provide tools to brand and embed the video page right to your website. Our Pro program trains your team, supports content creation with professional storytellers around the country, helps with grant-writing,  and maximizes the platform's capabilities for your needs.

SimplyTold® Pro enables crowd-sourced content with our mobile app, and can be combined with a custom SimplyTold® Story Station at your museum, facility, or event. Video approvals are managed by your team or ours, ensuring you get the benefit of gathering a wide variety of voices while maintaining your community standards.

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