SimplyTold Personal features include:
* Video page is private, password-protected.
* Videos appear automatically when uploaded.
* Life Story Categories, matching those on the app, are in the right column.
* Family can be invited to be part of the group, and subscribe to be notified when new videos are uploaded.

SimplyTold Pro customization options include:
* Page branded to match your style guide.
* Entire page embedded on your website, as it is here.
* Only custom categories, designed to be easy to search and find videos.
* Page can be private, password-protected, or public with social links.
* Invite guest storytellers to upload user-generated content, and you approve them before they appear on the public site, while having your team being able to instantly upload their videos.

Both Personal and Pro customer features include:
* Under settings, you could invite whomever you’d like to be able to be part of your private group.
* Users can subscribe to your video page to be emailed when new videos are posted